Brian Blessed and the Romans

So a couple of weeks since my last post on here and the weeks have had their ups and downs.


The downs first, well my Bursitis hasn’t sorted itself out yet, I gave it a month to calm down after the marathon and during that time didn’t really do any exercise but to no avail as it still aches, so if to the doctors I went and got myself some strong anti-inflammatory drugs to try and help it along, sounds good right? Well yeah but the effect wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for, a day or so after starting them I developed some pretty terrible symptoms, crippling stomach cramps, fever and other such fun, conveniently this was a day or so before I was meant to be going on a late honeymoon to Rome so not the best of timing to say the least. I can’t be sure it was a reaction to the tablets or if it was something else that kicked it off but I thought stopping the medication was a good first step to try and sort things out and with a bit of bed rest and not a lot of food for 36 hours I was just about ok to get on the plane to Rome and by the end of the 5 days everything seemed just about normal enough to give the meds a second go, so I’m now back on them with the promise of a steroid injection in a month if they don’t do the job, so hopefully one way or another I should be fighting fit again soon


So that’s the bad news, what about the good, well I got to meet Brian Blessed in his Gordon’s Alive! Tour and he signed a copy of his autobiography, Dynamite Kid which I plan to auction off for the charity . I also discovered he is just as mad, amazing and full of life in person as he seems to be in films and T.V.  After a hour or so of him regaling the audience with stories of his life you got the feeling that although he is in his 70’s he has no plans to slow down or relax, he is even going to the international space station next year!  So something of an inspiration as far as pushing on and doing all you can with your life!


So following May’s “challenge” what’s next then? Well it’s now Wednesday June 4th and I have done my first circuits class in a month on Monday gone and my first run since the marathon and I can testify how much fitness you can lose in a month!  My legs are aching and there is of course the throbbing ache of my shoulder to contend with but it was good to get out and do something so, with a bit of a gentle re-introduction I hope I’ll be back on form soon, the cycling and swimming may be a bother as they seem to strain my shoulder the most but hopefully it will be ok soon.


In the meantime I have June’s Challenge coming up and this one is a big one and strangely appropriate having just got back from Rome.  The plan is to walk the 84 miles of foot paths across what the Romans thought was the end of the civilised world.  A friend and myself will be attempting to walk the full Hadrian’s wall path in just 48 hours.  We are travelling light and only carrying food and water for the day to resupply in the evening so we can hopefully keep our speed up but it’s still going to be hard, especially if we get a hot weekend and have that to contend with as well.


But having said that it’s something I have had on my mind to do for a while and though it may sound daft it’s all because of a t-shirt. A few years ago my Mother-in-Law got me a national trust T-shirt with Hadrain’s wall on it and the route on the back and ever since then I feel a slight pang of guilt every time I put it on as I have never walked the route that’s on the back of it, so hopefully this walk will allow me to don it in future with smug pride and know I have earned the right to wear it!


And before I sign off I just wanted to add a link to an article I read online and to remind everyone why I’m doing all this. The main article is from the Guardian but then links to the actual report made on behalf of  it’s a big document but the summary pages only takes a little while to read through and is well worth doing so.


Put simply it links the great increase in the use of food banks to the recent government changes in benefits and welfare.


What I think is really important to remember with this is that food banks are not government supported, they are run entirely on the good will and charity of the public and so there is no obligation for them to be there. So without getting too political what that means to me and the way I read this is that the welfare reforms that are being made have left people without food and the essentials to live while at the same time there is no provision to help people in these situations.  I think this is a terrible and makes me ask the question “what would happen if we didn’t have food banks?” would the government just allow more and more people to become destitute and hungry while they continue implementing these “reforms”


I feel the evidence is becoming so great and so hard to contest that those in power are now simply putting their fingers in their ears and saying “not listening, not listening” instead of engaging with a real problem that is effecting an ever increasing number of people.


Not a very positive way to end a post I’m afraid but hopefully it may get folk thinking and donating!


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