Injury and frustration

Well its been a while since my last update an unfortunatly I have to say i haven’t been able to do a lot due to an injury. A couple of years ago a physiotherapist friend of mind diagnosed my shoulder with something called Subacromial bursitis which is basicially an inflamation of the tissue around the shoulder. After a fair amount of anti-inflamatories and some technical strapping it went down and hasn’t bothered me since. Well that was until the run up to the marathon. I remember on the day feeling a painful twinge in my shoulder but joking with a friend who was running the half marathon that i’d be fine as i run with my legs and not my shoulder. Well i guess that 26 miles of juddering and jiggling didn’t help and by the end of the run it was pretty painful. i had hoped that it would calm down fairly quickly after that and even tried going swimming on the Thursday after the run in the hope that it might loosen the joint and help it ease. Well that didn’t exactly go as planned as I only managed to swim for 30 mins before the pain was too much and I had to get out of the pool.

Since then I have been trying to rest it and keep it strapped up while I pop ibuprofen like smarties to help the inflamation. Not to sound like a drama queen but its now got to the point of fairly extreme discomfort and hasn’t seemed to have gone down at all in the last two weeks so bar that brief swim and a couple of short bike rides I have done nothing for the last two weeks which has really curbed my training and got me down. So its off to the GP next week to see if I can get something a bit stronger to attack the inflamation and hopefully get me back on track with things.


But not to make this post all doom and gloom i have got good news on other fronts, this weekend i will be meeting Brian Blessed in lincoln for the Gordans Alive event and getting some pics with him as well as hopefully getting his autobiography signed. So as this is counting as this months challenge I am going to auction it off for the charity on ebay, so if anyone is interested in owning it i will be posting up details here as soon as the auction is live.

Last but not least if you’d like to read a bit more about the marathon and my part in it there are a couple of articles in the local paper, one about the marathon in general and one just about yours truly!


So heres hoping my shoulder settles quickly and I can get back to training and in the mean time as ever please have a look at the links below and think about helping if you can!


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