2 week gap and plans for July

Sorry folks for the long gap between posts, It’s not that I haven’t been doing anything I just haven’t had the chance to put it on here I’m afraid.


So then what’s has been going on? Well after the long walk and the short run I was back into normal training, which I’m glad to say, is going well but sorry to say I have not been able to ramp up as much as I would like.  The main reason for that is time, trying to find time to do a long ride or an hours swim is tough when fitting it around a normal working life so I have had to miss things I would have like to have done but I’m still out most lunchtimes and evenings when I can getting in the miles so I hope this will help.


One thing I have noticed will all of this though is that I have become a lot more hungry a lot more often and as well as that my energy levels seem to peak and trough a lot more. Of course my first thought was diet, my normal method of just grab what I can when I can may now need to be modified a bit and I may have to look at what I am using a fuel a bit more closely, perhaps more fish and rice and less pasties and beans on toast J


But other than time and diet things are going well, I managed to raise and beat my March target and as well as that the Welcome Centre have a new member of staff who I hope can help me with promoting the whole idea and getting a bit more coverage for it. I did try myself by sending out 50 letters to local businesses and even contacting the Mayor about supporting me but I didn’t get a single reply from all my letters and the Mayor is already committed to a number of other charities which was a bit disheartening all round really.  So maybe more luck will be had if the publicity is led by a more recognised organisation rather than an individual.


Still onwards and upwards I guess and in consolation I bought myself a few more items for my swimming training.

A swimming cap to try and retain a bit more body heat and allow me to keep my head in the cold water longer, something I have trouble with at the moment.

Goggles that fit a lot better and don’t let the water in which hopefully means I won’t have to keep adjusting them all the time.

Swimming socks to replace the wetsuit boots I have which are good for keeping your feet warm but as they are not designed for actual swimming they are quite ridged and don’t allow the freedom of movement to actually swim in so the new socks should help with this.

Last of all some swimming shorts so I can train in the pool without my beach shorts causing so much drag and I’ll also probably be wearing them under my tri-wetsuit for a quick change into cycling gear come the main event.


So what’s next then? Well this month’s mini challenge is coming up and that means a full marathon on the 27th of the month.  Held in Huddersfield for the first time in 20+ years this will be only the second marathon I have ever done and I expect it will be quite a challenge for me and perhaps a bit more traditional than my last few.


Still not one to conform too much I have been thinking about July’s challenge, the only month I don’t yet have covered and if I can work the logistics and timing I may have a solution. A blacksmith friend of mine also dabbles in strongman competitions (the two would seem to go together well!) and is hoping to host one of his own in July which he has invited me along to so that could be something to mark on the calendar, but it’s not something that directly applies to any of the disciplines of a triathlon so as well as this the Welcome Centre suggest a cycling based challenge as well, which as it happens (due to tight timetables) may have to run over the same weekend.  So nothing confirmed yet but there is a chance that July’s challenge will be a strongman competition on the 5th and a static cycle (on props) challenge in a supermarket or shopping centre on the 6th.  How I’m going to persuade you lovely people to donate for these things I’m not quite sure yet, perhaps £1 per mile on the bike, the more you donate the more miles I have to do before I can get off the bike, or perhaps £1 per yard and the more you donate the further I will go on the farmers walk weight challenge, 180kg on your shoulders as you walk up and down a path.


Well time at least to think about that and see how it pans out, for now it’s back to the regular training (with a short 4 day medieval break) and as it caused such a stir on Facebook I’ll sign off with a pic of all my new swimming gearImage

As ever links to everything below

Donation page


The Welcome Centre


Facebook page

Search “Jack’s iron challenge


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