Tight wetsuits and 40 mile walks

So another week and some more news.


Well following last week’s swim I have now managed to get in the wet stuff twice more, once in Brighouse pool and again in Sparth reservoir again.

The pool dip was for the weekly lane swimming sessions and took me right back to being at school and getting changed in a cubicle and showering before getting in as I think that was the last time I went swimming on a regular basis in a pool. With the very much appreciated help of a friend who used to swim at club level and beyond I did a few lengths while she watched my technique and picked up anything I was doing wrong. Overall it seems I have a fairly decent front crawl stroke which just needed a bit of tweaking and a reasonably decent line in the water, but where I fall down is breathing. Unfortunately that seems to be a fairly important part of swimming and most other things you may want to do in life. As I did a few more lengths I found myself absolutely gasping for breath and unable to keep the stroke going, my friend tells me this is all down to rhythm, blowing out while under the water and breathing in as you turn your head, sounds simple right? Yeah and all you have to do to win a race is run fast, simple huh?


So from now on my aim is both to build my swimming fitness but not only that but to slow my stroke down (I have a tendency to use crawl exclusively as a sprint stroke) and work on my breathing rhythm. Hopefully by slowing it down and getting that bit right I can then build up again to a quicker pace over time.

As for the second dip in open water, well this time I was wearing the almost indecently figure hugging wetsuit I had just bought along with all the other bits and splashed about for around an hour. I managed three circuits in that time so about 1000 meters or roughly half of the distance I’ll need to do. Mostly doing it as a breast stroke as I seem to have my breathing sorted for that the experience was good. I didn’t get too cold or too badly tired and I think my plan for the open water is to try and build up to 6 laps over time with a steady pace and then try to increase it, with the end goal to take the pool lessons into the open water and do the six laps as a front crawl, but that’s going to take a while!


So what else? Well I have now picked Augusts’ mini challenge which will be a triathlon race, a bit shorter than the wasdale one but sounding like it will be just as hilly it’s in Hawes and I thought it would be a good experience and work as a dry run for the main event.

Other than all of that I am going to try and implement a new training time table so that I should get about 2 hours of each discipline done a week as well as 2 hours of circuits, for which our ever full of beans instructor seems to have decided I need to work harder at as last session I did most of it with a weighted pack on!

Last of all is this month’s challenge: the Calderdale way and zombie run. I’m going to try and get lots of photos of both and track my progress with a GPS app so hopefully there will be lots to see and comment on after them. But first of all I need all of you lot out there to DONATE! Please even if it’s only a quid follow the link and pop some cash in. It will all go to a really really good cause and if there is enough you will even get to see me hobble and limp away from zombies while in medieval armour!!!


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