First run after the day of the tumble

Me again! and I wanted to do another update on things as I am away next week so I’m not sure if I will get a chance to post.


I decided it was probably good advice that everyone was telling me to take a rest for a bit and give my injuries time to heal after I came off my bike last week.  So for the last week or so I have been changing dressings and wandering around with my finger splinted and getting bored with not being able to do circuits or any training.


But now I’m back at it!  my leg is doing better and there is new pink skin coming through (tight and sensitive as it is it seems a good thing) and my finger although broken and in need of 6-8 weeks to repair has at least returned to nearly normal proportions from the swelling so I thought I’d risk a run and except for a bit of tightness from the new skin I enjoyed it.


So now that I am just under 7 months from the big day what’s my plan?  Well through illness and injury I haven’t yet managed to get into the water since my abortive frozen dip before Christmas so that has got to feature pretty high on my list of training aims!  So I’m now going to get my arse in gear and get into the pool on my return from holiday and after the clocks change I am planning to give Gaddings dam another go, maybe on April the 4th if anyone wanted to come along and watch or even join in!?


Other than that I am now planning on starting to send out some letters to local businesses to see if any of them want to support me or help with things.  I wanted to wait a bit so that I wasn’t asking for money while the event was just a dot on the horizon but I have a bit of a plan to try and keep things interested along the way so with that in mind I thought I’d contact them sooner rather than later.


So what is my little plan then?  Well I thought on the back of my mini challenges I have already got in place I would try and do something each month on the run up to the event to hopefully keep folk interested and to keep a steady stream of sponsorship coming in (hopefully)


So as it stands right now this is “The Plan” of mini challenges:

28th February: Cycle to work and run home: done! Complete with broken bone, phone, bike and road rash

29th March: Walk 40 miles of the Calderdale way in a day and do a 5K zombie run on the 30th

27th April: Run the Huddersfield marathon

18th May: Meet Brian Blessed and hopefully get a copy of his autobiography signed to auction off

14th & 15th June: Walk the length of Hadrian’s Wall unaided, that’s 84 miles of rough country!

July: ????

August: ????

28th September: My Birthday and the main event!


As you can see I have July and August free of mini challenges right now so I’m looking for something to have a go at.  Ideally one would be swimming related and the other something on a bike but that’s not set in stone.


So what I thought was that some of you lovely people might have some ideas of what I could do?  Something that is achievable in a day and doesn’t cost the earth.  I’ll happily consider most ideas but of course there has to be a proviso and that is if I choose your idea you have to donate some cash!

I’d love to get a bit of chatter going around the event and the build up to it so please do post up on the blog or the facebook page and let me know your thoughts and ideas.  Want more pictures of the places I train or updates on the work the welcome centre is doing?  Like to know a bit about the area where the triathlon is happening or the times of past entrants?  Any thoughts would be great.

Thanks, Jack

As ever you can donate here

Or read all about the welcome centre here


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