Sorry for the lack of recent updates on here I’m afraid I have been a bit out of action recently due to bouts of various illness.  I really hate being ill and luckily enough for me it does seem to be a rare occurrence but the last two weeks I seem to have picked up everything going and made up for the last healthy 18 months.  But that aside I’m now back to health and back training. 

This week was a good one with two very heavy cardio circuit classes and three good runs at lunchtime, with one taking in a decent bit of hill running.

So with me back on the training wagon I thought it was time to look at filling in the time between now and the big day with a few more fun trials and tests.  I have already signed up for the zombie run at the end of March and have had some donations towards my £26 goal for the end of February which if I can crack my total will mean I’ll sign up for the Huddersfield Marathon. 

However on top of those I have been thinking about having a go at Hadrian’s wall over the summer, two days to walk the full length of the wall.  The plan is to do it with a friend of mine, Martin, and stop half way at a b&b so we can go light and go fast.  But of course 84 miles in two days is not something to just do on a whim so to see if we are both in the right sort of shape to give it a go we’re planning on a trial route along the Calderdale way taking in most or all of the 50 miles that circular route has to offer.  Time however always seems to be tight for both of us so picking a date to do the tester walk was difficult and it ended up falling on the 29th of March, which for those observant few will see is the day before the zombie run.  So I think the 5k bit of fun may end up being somewhat more difficult than I imagined with a 50 mile hangover!

One last thing I was thinking about is getting back on my bike now the days are getting longer and so to mark what will be the 7 month countdown to the big day I’m planning on cycling into work next Friday, that’s 16 miles along some of the same route they are using for the Yorkshire leg of the tour de’ France and hers my challenge to all of you.  If I can get my running charity total to £40 by next Friday I’ll run the return trip instead of cycling home.


So to lay it out for you all if I can get a running total of £26 by next Friday it’s my name on the list for the Huddersfield Marathon, but if it gets to £40 then it’s the Marathon and a 16 mile run on top.  So please pop a few quid in if you can, and help me help the welcome centre!

you can donate through my “mydonate” page or contact me to sort out another way if thats easier 

Cheers for now,




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