Slow week but good news for the event


Well I’m afraid I don’t have a lot to report on this week as far as physical activity goes, I’ve been struck down with a winter cold so have pretty much missed all my morning exercises, circuits and running due to feeling grim.  A real shame as the circuits class I go to has just got a load of new equipment thanks to the fab guy that runs it and I wanted to try to keep using the heart rate monitor for my running as well to see if there was any improvement.  Oh well not a lot I can do about it and at least it’s early enough in my training that it shouldn’t impact too much on things.

However though I have been ill I haven’t been totally idle.  A few weeks ago my sister-in-law told me about an event in Lincoln at the old Ritz cinema that she thought I might be interested in…… 

When I was a kid in Lincoln the Ritz was about the only place to see films and even then the place hailed back to the old style of things with upper and lower stalls, intermissions and ice cream sellers, but years ago it lost out to out-of-town multiplexes and shut before being converted into a pub.  However it seems that the upper floors were left as they were, just blocked off so they sat (in my mind at least) like every dust covered dim cinema that’s ever been featured in a film.  But recently some enterprising folk with a love of the old building have been renovating it and putting on small scale showings of old films and running themed evenings to help fund the place which I think is really great. 

It was one of these themed evenings “Gordons Alive!” that Becky told me about, an evening with Bian Blessed (him of the beard and booming voice!), followed by a showing of 80’s classic Flash Gordon.  Well I have always loved the film from being a kid and I think Brian Blessed is a fantastic guy, a quintessentially British eccentric who came from humble beginnings to try to scale Everest three times and is a reserve cosmonought in Russia, that’s got to be worth a few quid to go and listen to some of his exploits, so ticket bought I was a happy chap.  But then I wondered if it was worth trying to shoe-horn this into what I was doing for the Welcome centre in some way, well I am doing something that is going to push me physically further than I have gone before and though I’m not equating it with climbing Everest there is a parallel there however tenuous.  So with that idea in my head and not much more I tried to find some sort of contact address for Brian.  Well my naivety showed here I think as you know it’s not exactly easy to just get an email for a celebrity as there was no address on Google so instead I took to trying to contact him directly through his face book page, to be honest with little hope of getting anything back.

But thankfully and to my surprise the next day I get a message back from Brian on facebook saying he had read my message and so now as well as listening to some of his stories I’ll be meeting him in person to snap a couple of pics with him and hopefully have him sign a copy of his autobiography which I plan to auction off as part of my fund raising efforts.  So I know it’s not till May but if you like the idea of having a signed copy of Brian Blessed’s autobiography then watch this space!

Well that’s all for now but hopefully next week I’ll be feeling a bit better and more able, things are already in the works and I have a few ideas to keep me going till the event, alongside the zombie run and the marathon I have been wondering about trying to walk Hadrian’s wall over a weekend and also having a slight revival of canal bike ride by doing an 80 mile round trip to Manchester but all of this to come when I have more details.

In the mean time please do consider sticking some cash in to my cause and as I mentioned before if I get the total up to £26 before the end of Feb. I’ll run a marathon for you all!

All donations can be made here and are very much appreciated!


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