Another week another post, oh and zombies!



Well the last week of January is here and it’s just past the 28th of the month so that means only 8 months to go to the big event!  I have still been keeping up with my regular training of either a 5 mile run or an hour’s circuits class each night with 15-20 mins of tabata each day thrown in for good measure.  I even managed to get a run in round the lake near work and remembered to put on my heart rate monitor.  I decided just to run it as I would normally to see what my baseline heart rate was for it, and I was quite surprised to find that for a 5 mile run in 40 mins my average heart rate was 152 bpm which seems a fairly healthy number.  If I can tweak my speed down a little or my fitness up a touch and get that to 146bpm I should be hitting the 80% max that I’m looking for.

As well as all the normal stuff leading up to the big event I wanted to try and do a few extra events and fun things along the way so with that in mind I have now signed up for a 5k fun run with a twist, that being the zombies that will be lurking along the route ready to jump out at you and try to “bite” you!  It’s being organised at a local park and looks to be a bit of fun, read more about it here.  But as it is only 5k I thought I might have a go at it in some of my medieval armour, it’s heavy, hot and restricts your movement a lot but it is all for charity and might get some smiles so worth it I think!

On the charity side of things I have now started to draft a couple of letters with the Welcome Centre to hopefully send out to local businesses to look for further sponsorship and the facebook page (Jack’s Iron Challenge) has almost got 100 “likes” so I’m hoping that will in time turn into £££ for the cause!  As well as all of that I am going to try and rope in anything I do over the year that is vaguely interesting into the whole event from photos to promotion and anything else I can think of besides.

As well as all of that a couple of friends have told me about a marathon that will be happening in Huddersfield for the first time in 20 years which would be a good way to test how my training is going.  It’s happening in April and is a two lap route taking you up and down some inclines and by the looks of it some fairly rough footpath sections.  I managed to do a marathon last year up the coast of Northumberland and though it didn’t cripple me it was tough (especially when I mistook Dunstanburgh castle for Bamburgh castle and thought I was nearly at the finish when in-fact there was another 10 miles!) I managed it in a little over 6 hours and achieved what I wanted which was not to stop and not to walk any of it.  So I thought a local one could be good to see if I am in a better state than last year. BUT this is the bit where you come in, if I’m going to do it I want your money!  The route like any marathon is just a smidge over 26 miles so if I’m going to do it I want at least £26 before the end of February going towards the Welcome Centre. 

I’m hoping to trial this as an idea for other “warm up” events during the year and if it works this time I may try a £1 a mile for some bike rides and swims (maybe where people donate in advance and I do the distance dictated by the size of the donation!) and other runs too.  So lest see how it goes.

If you would like to add to the fund please donate via my BTmydonate page and add a note that it’s for the marathon.

So that’s about all for now but hopefully more fun developments soon


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