Week three

 Ok so this is the third full week of the new year which means the third full week of training for me.  Well that’s what it should mean but I’m sorry to say I had to miss my regular circuits session last night as my legs were a bit of a wreck after the weekend. 

Saturday morning a friend and me went off for a walk in the woods with a plan to rough camp for the night and then walk back the next day.  As well as being a bit of fun I thought this would make a good change to my training as it would be a different pace and with me carrying a pack it would hopefully use different muscles. 

Well it absolutely did that as by Monday morning I was aching enough that I looked like I had spent the weekend on a horse not in the woods, but then 20 miles in 2 days at about 3 or 4 mph will do that I guess.

Still it was a good experience and showed me that I must work on distance as well as general fitness as the weeks roll on.

So that’s just a quick update on the physical side of things but on the sponsorship side I have tried to get things rolling a bit more and have started a facebook page (just search for Jack’s Iron Challenge) as well as a BTmydonate page which I hope will help a few more people know about the event and the Welcome Centre as well. 

In addition to that I would ask anyone who reads this to think about using a site called easyfundraising its a really easy way to help any charity you like, but hopefully as your reading this you will pick the Welcome Centre!  All you do is register with the site and the from there click on any of the companies it works with and buy stuff as normal and the company will donate a portion of what you spend to the charity.  So for example I just booked a hotel for a work thing that cost £164, by doing it with easyfundraising £8.20 of that goes to the Welcome Centre, doesn’t cost me any extra but helps raise money so I’d encourage everyone if they can just to take an extra 30 seconds with your online purchases and use this site to help raise some cash for a good cause.


Well thats all for now except for a quick exercise summary:

Saturday 18th: 10 mile hike with pack taking about 4 hours

Sunday 19th: 10 miles back again this time in a little under 3 hours

Monday: 4 rounds of Tabata exercise on my core

Tuesday 4 rounds of Tabata on my arms and upper body with a 40min run at lunchtime


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