Back at it after Christmas

So blog post number four and this time it’s a bit of a blend of the charity side of things and the training part.

 First to the charity. 

Having talked a bit about the Welcome centre I should let you know that I now have a meeting with them this Thursday to hopefully discuss what I’m doing, how I’m doing it and the best ways of getting the most out of it for them.  I’m hoping that by meeting some of the team there I can get a more rounded idea of how everything works there and it’ll all feel a bit more personal.  As well as that I’m hoping that we might get a couple of ideas kicking around as to how to make the most impact and publicity to get as much sponsorship as possible.  So I’ll see how that goes and report back probably on Friday. 

I should also mention that I have tried approaching a couple of other sources for sponsorship and support including the sports shop Decathlon (where I bought my bike for the 130 mile ride last year) who have very kindly offered me a 10% discount on anything I buy in their Bolton shop.  I have also asked the company I work for if they would be willing to sponsor me as they promote themselves as having a strong ethical code so once I have a little more weight behind me following the meeting on Thursday I intend to fully pursue that route as well.

Last of all at the moment I am thinking of contacting my local sports centre pool to see if they can offer any help or discount to work alongside my training as I think it’s the swimming aspect of the whole event that I am most worried about so again after the meeting we’ll see how that plays out.

 Although I want to try and get some organisations and businesses involved in the whole event and look to them for sponsorship that’s not to say I won’t be tapping up my mates and family for cash too 🙂 so if you’re in those groups expect emails soon!!!

But having said that rather than just asking for straight donations I want to try and come up with some other ideas and alternative ways of raising funds too.  The first one I want to try is a “100 club” which I found out about thanks to another friend (Cheers Laura!) who is looking to raise some funds for her own project.  Basically it’s a raffle where you buy a number between 1 and 100 for £1 and then when they are all filled a number is picked at random and the person that owns the number gets £50 while the charity receives the remainder.  It seems to me to be ideal as it’s only a small amount that the individual has to put in but they have the chance to get it back 50 fold! Seems pretty good to me.  So that may be happening a few times on the run up to the event.  If anyone has any other ideas for interesting fundraising methods I’d love to hear them!

 So onto the training side of things

Well last week was my first full week back at work after the Christmas break and so like everyone I was feeling the effects of a  sweets and booze filled break  but I wanted to try and push on and get going early so this is a quick rundown of my efforts. 

Monday 6th: 4 rounds of tabata training before work focussing on my arms and chest then an hour of outdoor circuit training with commando fit in the evening.

 Tuesday 7th: 4 rounds of Tabata training before work focussing on my core then a 40 min run at lunchtime covering the normal route of 4.8 miles

 Wednesday 8th: Outdoor circuit training after work with CF, I had planned for two hours of medieval training after that but the weather was against it

Thursday 9th: 40 min, 4.8 mile run over lunch

 Friday 10th: 40 min, 4.8 mile run over lunch

 So not too dreadful a start to the year but I think there is a lot of room for improvement!  This week I am going to try and keep the tabata up each morning, moving the focus between upper body, core and legs.  As well as that my mate, Forrest, pointed out an exercise system that is supposed to help with raising endurance and fitness.  It works by getting your heart rate up to about 80% of its max (supposedly 180bpm less your age, so that’s 146bpm for me) and keeping it there for the length of the activity.  Much more info here.  This should then burn more fat than it does sugar and help train your muscles for longer periods of work, which is just what I need for a potential of 18 hours of activity.

So with that in mind I’m planning on getting myself a heart monitor and watch so I can start having a go at this, and the added bonus is that it’s a new gadget which also needs data entering into a spread sheet, both things the geek in me loves to muck around with.

 So that’s about it for now except to update the activity for the week so far:

 Monday 13th: 4 rounds of Tabata training before work focussing on my arms and chest then an hour of outdoor circuit training with commando fit in the evening.

 Tuesday 14th: 4 rounds of Tabata training before work focussing on the legs then a 40 min run at lunchtime covering the normal route of 4.8 miles

 More to follow soon I hope








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