A little more info

Well I’m rather playing catch up a bit here as I only decided to start this blog now and there is a reasonable amount of stuff that’s already happened so hopefully you’ll excuse the time warped reporting on this.

Like I said in the last post, I have paid up and signed up for the event and also decided that I would like any sponsorship money to go to the Welcome Centre in Huddersfield however there are a few more bits and bobs I didn’t want to clog up the last post with. 

Also I’m struck with a bit of a problem in that my posts are going to be a bit polar opposite in their content as some are going to be about fundraising, the charity and the work it does while others are going to have a totally different feel and probably talk about how my legs are aching or how many times I had beans on toast this week so I can eat something quickly before going out to train.

So following that idea this one is going to be a bit of an intro to my normal exercise routine and the Wasdale course which should tell you why I think I need to “up my game” a bit!

The course follows the set Half IronMan 70.3 distances but adds a Lake District twist to them.

Let’s start with the swim. 1.2 miles in open water, not too bad really that’s about 77 lengths of a normal swimming pool right?  Well yeah but remember a swimming pool has sides to hold on to and kick off from, it’s also normally heated to a lovely 30°C.  Wast Water holds the claim to being the deepest lake in England which means it takes a LOT of energy to warm up all that water so forget 30°C and think more like 13°C so that’s a nice shock to your system as soon as you dive in.  Add to that nothing to kick off from or hold onto for a quick breather and you’ll get the idea.

Second the bike ride. 56 miles, well that’s fine I did 130 last year and it didn’t kill me.  Ahh but this 56 miles is covering about 7200 feet on inclines, to put that into perspective it’s the equivalent of biking up mount Snowdon… Twice! Then add to that the sections which are 25%, 30% and at the worst 33% inclines (thats 1 meter straight up for ever 3 across if your not sure!) and you can imagine the burning thigh muscles I’m sure.

Last of all the 13.5 mile run (a sneaky 0.4 miles more than normal). Ok so 13+ miles is never going to be easy but at least you can settle into a rhythm and just let you tired legs chew through the meters, nope wrong again! The last nail is that the route is on rough footpaths so that’s plenty of false steps and broken timing as your jelly legs struggle to keep going and just for good measure the route take you over scarfell and scarfell pike taking in nearly 1400 verticle meters, so just a bit more than running up Ben Nevis!

So hopefully you now have an idea of the route and what I’m up against, and if you want to read how it went for the guys in 2013 have a look here.

Currently like I said before I think of myself as fairly fit but no athlete, my normal week covers the following exercise:

Monday: an hour of outdoor circuit training with Commando fit

Tuesday: a 40 min run during my lunch hour round Hollingworth lake covering about 4.8 mile

Wednesday: another hour of circuits followed by 2 hours of medieval weapons training

Thursday: Another lunchtime run

Friday: A third lunch time run

Saturday: another hour of circuits if we’re not away for the weekend

Sunday: Sleep!

I should add as well that I aim for 3 runs a week but it’s not always possible if there is a lot on at work or I whuss out due to bad winter weather.

So my plans right now are to try and add a few extra exercises into my week and hopefully try to get some cycling in when the weather gets a little better.

My focus will be to try and do 4 rounds of tabata each morning before having a shower with each day focussing on a different area of the body and as well as that when the light gets a bit better I’m going to try and cycle to work and back (32 mile round trip) to begin with once a week but hopefully raising to twice as I feel I’m able.  Also I’d like to try and start doing my lunch time running with some weights, either a backpack or a weight vest.  Last of all I’m going to try and see if I can persuade a swimming pool in Huddersfield to let me swim for free or maybe a reduced rate so I can start getting some lengths in as well.

So that’s where I am right now and where I hope to be soon.  More to follow soon I’m sure and probably it will be about the charity side of things.

Cheers, Jack


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